Contact teaching is arranged:

  • Uusikaupunki

The vocational qualification consists of following units:

  • Working in manufacturing tasks
  • Installation and automation tasks
  • Welding and plate work
  • Working with steel structures
  • Welding for repairs and installations
  • CNC-edging
  • Sheet metal work

More information:
tel. +358 40 823 7366.


Technology industry is a large employing field in Vakka-Suomi region. There is a continuing demand for metalwork professionals in and around Uusikaupunki.

A vocational qualification in production technology may be completed as institutional vocational secondary education and training, in which case the studies mainly take place in Novida but also contain on-the-job training to acquire vocational skills. The education will be in Finnish and a Finnish course is part of the studies.

The other option is that the qualification may be completed as apprenticeship training. Apprenticeship training mainly comprises on-the-job training that is complemented with theory studies.

Please send your application by filling out this form. For further information, please contact Sanni Rinne, or tel. +358 40 823 7366.