Studies supported in English

(Please Note: English supported studies are available only at our Uusikaupunki location, other locations have training in Finnish only)

Practical Nurse

The work of a practical nurse is comprehensive care supporting growth, advancing health, preventing diseases, taking care of the sick as well as rehabilitation.
The most important tools of a practical nurse are interpersonal and social skills. A practical nurse is well acquainted with the stages of growth and development for different age groups, methods of care as well as rehabilitation.

Who is it for?
This study programme is for someone interested in working in the field of social and health care. A basic level (A 2.1) in Finnish is required.

Study Programme Structure
The training begins with approximately four months of studies supporting learning skills (OPVA). These studies consist of, for example, Finnish language, study techniques, social skills and studies that support the vocational study units. Each student’s previous education will be considered, after which a personal competence development plan (HOKS) will be drawn up, the student together with the coordinating teacher. All teaching is done in Finnish but, if necessary, English can also be used especially in the beginning of the studies.

After the studies supporting learning skills, the student goes on to study the vocational qualification of social and health care or the units of medical assistance. The length of the programme is 3–3,5 years.

All applicants will go through an aptitude test and, if necessary, a language proficiency test. A valid residence permit is also required. Degree-specific health condition requirements are applied to this field of study. All study materials can be borrowed from the school.

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Preparatory Education (TUVA)

Before starting your actual upper secondary vocational studies at Novida, you can take part in pre-vocational preparatory education (TUVA) and preparatory education for vocational qualification.

What is it for?
These studies are conducted in Finnish according to your personal competence development plan, and they help you improve your language skills as well as other abilities needed to apply, study for, and finally, complete a vocational study programme. Tuva also strengthens your study skills as well as equips you with useful life skills and competences needed for working life. TUVA lasts for a maximum of 12 months (30-60 competence units).

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