Possibility to study Metalwork and Machinery in Novida Vocational College (in Uusikaupunki) partly in English, starting August 2020
The study programm is Vocational secondary qualification in Metalwork and Machinery and the competence area is in Manufacturing Technology, Plater-welder or Mechanical Fitter.

A qualification may be completed as institutional vocational secondary education and training, in which case the studies mainly take place in Novida but also contain on-the-job training to acquire vocational skills. The other option is that the qualification may be completed as apprenticeship training. Apprenticeship training mainly comprises on-the-job training that is complemented with theory studies.

Additional information of metalwork and machinery studies here.
Please send your application: here you can find the form. The applicants will be interviewed and the studies begin in August 2020.


When and how can I submit my application for the studies?
Applying is now open. You can find the application form on Novida’s webpage.

How long does it take to study?
It depends on your previous work experience or your previous studies. Approximately the studies take from 1 ½ years to 2 – 3 years.

How is the time between school and on-the-job training divided? How long periods at school, how long do I work during my studies?
The time spent at school depends on how quickly you reach the basic knowledge of the Metalwork and Machinery and the basics of the Finnish language. It’s most important to have a motivation to study and reach the basic skills at school before on-the-job training.

Should I know my on-the-job training place before I start my studies?
No, we will help you to find the on-the-job training place.

The interview? What kind of occasion is it?
It is an informal conversation. We will plan your studies at Novida and talk about your formal studies, language skills and work experience.

Do I need to speak Finnish when I start?

You should be familiar with the Finnish language and understand a little bit of it. You don’t have to speak Finnish but you should know some basic words and phrases. You should be willing to study both in English and in Finnish.

For further information, please contact Sanni Rinne, sanni.rinne@novida.fi or tel. +358 40 823 7366.

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