General upper secondary education

General upper secondary education2018-10-05T13:56:20+02:00

Loimaa upper secondary school offers general education for students of about 16-19 years of age.

General upper secondary education continues the educational task of comprehensive school and provides students with the capabilities to continue to further studies.

The admission requirement for general upper secondary education is a school-leaving certificate from basic education. Students apply to general and vocational education through a joint application system. If the number of applicants exceeds the intake, the selection is based on students’ school reports. The drop-out rate is low.

The general upper secondary school is based on courses with no specified year-classes. The scope of the syllabus is three years but the studies may be accomplished in two, three or four years. The students may proceed in their studies either as a group or individually.

Matriculation examination
The upper secondary school ends in a matriculation examination, which does not qualify for any occupation. Passing the matriculation examination entitles students to continue studies in universities, polytechnics or vocational institutions.

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