International Activities at Novida

In becoming more international, the central goals of Novida are solidifying international collaboration and relationships as well as increasing the reciprocity of these relationships. Collaboration with several partnerships has been well established and has grown deeper. The goal is to get all the sectors of vocational education to join our international operations as well as getting local employers to join the circle of international collaboration.

Study Abroad
Novida is part of the international networks of FinnVET in China, ThaiGO and Erasmus+. We have co-operation with partner schools and organization in the following countries: Norway, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Northern Ireland, Thailand, China.

A student can do part of his/her practical training abroad. Requirements are that the student has turned 18 before the training period starts, he/she has no uncompleted courses and the student’s teachers and the school nurse can recommend him/her for the training period abroad.

More information about international activities at Novida

Coordinator of International Activities and Contact Person of Loimaa, Lieto and Uusikaupunki
Josefiina Rausmaa, tel. 044 090 1326